Former Wall Street trader, neurophysiologist, and senior John-Coatesresearch fellow, Neuroscience and Finance, University of Cambridge

What happens to your body when you make or lose a lot of money? As John Coates discovered while running a trading desk on Wall Street, when you take risk, you do more than think about it – you prepare for it physically.

Since retiring from finance, Coates has researched the biology of risk taking. Working with real traders, he found that the exuberance and pessimism destabilizing our financial system should be viewed as physiological pathologies no different from others, such as hypertension and dyslipidaemia, studied by medicine.

He has written about his findings in The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: How Risk taking Transforms Us, Body and Mind.

At WIRED Health, Coates will present an elegant model of risk taking, fatigue, and workplace stress.


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