16-17 October 2014


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“I wanted to say thank you for a well organised opportunity to meet with so many professionals in the creative industry. We have networked with some interesting people and could end up sponsoring a few companies as a direct consequence of the event.”
Jermaine Campbell, wdc
“Yet again, the WIRED event blew me away – not only some awe-inspiring speakers but where else would I get the chance to exchange ideas from innovators from so many different industries. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Roll on WIRED 2014!”
Ian Connerton, Boots Opticians
“Thank you for these incredibly inspiring two days. I do attend quite a few conferences and I must say the Wired event undoubtedly topped every single one of them in 2013. Congrats for assembling such a line up of amazing speakers. Looking forward to next year!”
Carole Zibi, LinkedIn


WIRED2014 is the fourth two-day flagship event from WIRED. With insights from over 45 speakers, an interactive Test Lab product area and excellent networking opportunities, it aims to bring the WIRED world to life.

Building on the success of the three previous annual events, WIRED2014 will cover an array of topics — anything that’s delivering the future today — including neuroscience, robotics, business, design, music and entertainment. Every year the event sold out so get your tickets early!


WIRED events attract a diverse and wide-ranging list of attendees – WIRED2014 will bring together one of our most exciting and varied delegations yet. We expect an influential and exciting group comprising disrupters, inventors, designers, business leaders, policymakers and more. Don’t miss out on this crucial networking event.


See a shortlist of delegates already signed-up and attending WIRED2014.


With WIRED2014 we aim to gather the people changing the world and defining the future. Our Main Stage will bring together more than 45 speakers from a multitude of disciplines, including: design, advertising, digital media, life sciences, publishing, programming, humanitarianism and more. Speakers will be continuously announced in the lead-up to the event.

The following are already confirmed to appear:

  • Chapman

Mark Chapman

Chief engineer,
Bloodhound Project

Chief engineer on the British bid to travel at 1,000mph on land

  • John-Hegarty-2

Sir John Hegarty

Cofounder, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Lessons in creativity from an accomplished adman

  • Ron-Arad

Ron Arad

Industrial designer

The recent WIRED cover star shares his rules of innovation

  • Ze-Frank-2

Ze Frank

Viral videographer, BuzzFeed

Where viral video goes next

  • Anne-Wojcicki-image

Anne Wojcicki

Cofounder, 23andMe

What you can learn from millions of people's DNA

  • Suleiman-Bakhit

Suleiman Bakhit

Anti-extremist comic-book publisher

Creating comic superheroes to change the image of Arab youth

  • Lincoln-Wallen

Lincoln Wallen

Chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation

How DreamWorks reinvented the tools of animation

  • Yulia-Marushevska

Yulia Marushevska

Ukrainian student and activist

The citizen behind the Ukrainian crisis's defining video

  • Eric-Ladizinsky

Eric Ladizinsky

Cofounder, D-Wave Systems

The quantum computing era has begun

  • Helen-Arney

Helen Arney

Geek songstress

Musical comedian who conducts clinical trials on her songs

  • Obi-Felten

Obi Felten


Head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world

  • Esther-Dyson

Esther Dyson

Public health promoter

The leading investor shares her mission to build a healthier world

  • Lee-Bofkin-2

Lee Bofkin

Street-art collector

How street art became a legitimate business

  • Bruce-Hood

Bruce Hood

Experimental psychologist

A scientific basis of magical thinking

  • Jay-Bregman

Jay Bregman

Founder of Hailo

Lessons learned from taking Hailo international

  • Demis-HASSABIS

Demis Hassabis

Founder & CEO, DeepMind Technologies

Artificial intelligence expert whose London startup, DeepMind, was bought by Google in January

  • Sam-Bompas

Sam Bompas

Contemporary food designer, Bompas & Parr

Food as you have never experienced it

  • Andrew-Hessel-2

Andrew Hessel

Biohacker, Autodesk

When anybody can write genetic code, humanity's security is up for grabs

  • Cesar-A.-Hidalgo

César A. Hidalgo

Network and complexity artist, MIT Media Lab

How to make big data visible and actionable

  • Blaise-Aguera-y-Arcas

Blaise Aguera y Arcas

Machine intelligence specialist

Google's Principal Scientist, who is an expert on machine learning

  • Pablo-Rodriguez

Pablo Rodríguez

Innovation director, Telefónica

The secrets behind FC Barcelona's winning strategy

  • Charmain-Gooch-2

Charmian Gooch

Anti-corruption activist, Global Witness

Taking on the powerful corporations and corrupt governments exploiting the natural world

  • Simon-Wheatcroft

Simon Wheatcroft

Ultramarathon runner

A blind ultra-marathon runner who uses technology to reach new limits

  • Ben-Medlock

Ben Medlock

Cofounder & chief technical officer, SwiftKey

Cofounder of London-based SwiftKey and inventor of an artificial-intelligence system that predicts what you'll type next

  • John-Graham-Cumming-2

John Graham-Cumming

Geek-culture maven

Deconstructing Hollywood's hesitant relationship with the computer screen


Sugata Mitra

Educational innovator, School in the Cloud

How a School in the Cloud can let children explore and learn from each other

  • Nico-Sell

Nico Sell

Organiser of DEF CON hacker event

What I've learned being educated by hackers

  • Elif-Shafak2

Elif Shafak


What storytelling means in a world of images and Likes

  • Shlomo


Human beatbox

The world-record-holding beatboxer and world looping champion

  • Saul-Singer-2

Saul Singer

Start-up Nation co-author

Why does everywhere want to be the next Silicon Valley?

  • Yuri-Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

Designer and artist

Inventor / designer of sound art as you've never heard it

  • Stuart-Turner

Stuart Turner


Quadraplegic, housebound, but still able to fly

  • Mariano-Tomatis

Mariano Tomatis

Magician and wonder injector

How magic can be the elixir of life

  • Nina-Tandon

Nina Tandon

Stem cell researcher, EpiBone

How to grow human bone in a lab

  • Mina-Girgis

Mina Girgis

Ethnomusicologist, The Nile Project

Using music to obliterate borders in Africa

  • Nelly-Ben-Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Designer of experiences

Space orchestras, underwater field work and other designed experiences



Telefónica is fascinated by the ideas and innovations changing the world and is a long-standing supporter of WIRED events. One trend that excites the global company is the fact that innovation now comes from everywhere.

Silicon Valley is still hugely influential – but game-changing ideas are now just as likely to come from London, São Paulo or Tel Aviv. This is why it launched Wayra, a technology accelerator, incubating startups in 12 countries across Europe and Latin America. Telefónica gains access to a wider pool of ideas, and the startups get access to Telefónica’s expertise, plus the opportunity to take their products to some 317 million customers.




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