16-17 October 2014


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“I wanted to say thank you for a well organised opportunity to meet with so many professionals in the creative industry. We have networked with some interesting people and could end up sponsoring a few companies as a direct consequence of the event.”
Jermaine Campbell, wdc
“Yet again, the WIRED event blew me away – not only some awe-inspiring speakers but where else would I get the chance to exchange ideas from innovators from so many different industries. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Roll on WIRED 2014!”
Ian Connerton, Boots Opticians
“Thank you for these incredibly inspiring two days. I do attend quite a few conferences and I must say the Wired event undoubtedly topped every single one of them in 2013. Congrats for assembling such a line up of amazing speakers. Looking forward to next year!”
Carole Zibi, LinkedIn


WIRED2014 was the fourth two-day flagship event from WIRED. With insights from more than 50 speakers, an interactive Test Lab product area and excellent networking, it brought the WIRED world to life. Where else could you see the likes of advertising legend John Hegarty, musician and entrepreneur will.i.am, genetics entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki and world-renowned designer Ron Arad all in one place?

Once again, the event sold out and was an incredible success. We’d like to thank everyone who came and got involved with WIRED’s greatest event so far.


All WIRED events attract a diverse and wide-ranging list of attendees, yet WIRED2014 brought together one of our most exciting and varied delegations yet.

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With WIRED2014 we aimed to gather the people changing the world and defining the future. Our Main Stage brought together more than 45 speakers from a multitude of disciplines, including: design, advertising, digital media, life sciences, publishing, programming, humanitarianism and more.

The following speakers took to the stage at WIRED2014:

  • RorySutherland

Rory Sutherland

Vice-chairman, Ogilvy Group

Sutherland will talk about how advances in the behavioural sciences are transforming government approaches to public health.

  • Andy Walshe

Andy Walshe

High Performance Director, Red Bull

Walshe works with international athletes and was also part of the Red Bull Stratos jump. He will talk about elite human performance.

  • Geoff McGrath (1)

Geoff McGrath

Vice president, McLaren Applied Technologies

McGrath will describe how McLaren is applying its experience in real-time data processing and predictive analytics to remote biotelemetry of patients in clinical trials.

  • MarcKoska

Marc Koska

Inventor of the K1 auto-disable syringe

Koska's mission is to make the use of auto-disable syringes mandatory globally.

  • JohnCryan

John F. Cryan

Professor & Chair, Dept. Anatomy & Neuroscience, University College Cork
Cryan is a neuroscientist studying how the gut influences stress and behaviour.

  • MatteoLai

Matteo Lai

Cofounder and CEO, Empatica

Lai's Empatica recently launched Embrace, the first medical-grade wearable for people with epilepsy and autism.

  • LamaNachman

Lama Nachman

Principal engineer, Intel Labs

Nachman will speak about how Intel developed a new user interface to keep Stephen Hawking talking.

  • Sophie

Sophie de Oliveira Barata

Founder of the Alternative Limb Project

de Oliveira Barata recently created gadget limbs for amputees.

  • SarahJayneBlackmore

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Royal Society university research fellow

Blakemore will speak about how brains develop during adolescence.

  • Eleanor A. Maguire

Eleanor A. Maguire

Professor of cognitive neuroscience, UCL

Maguire researches memory, studying how the brain allows us to navigate and remember our experiences.

  • Clive Brown

Clive G. Brown

CTO, Oxford Nanopore

Brown will speak on how his company's USB stick-sized DNA sequencer will enable an “internet of living things”.

  • MartinKohn

Martin Kohn

Chief medical scientist, Sentrian

Kohn was formerly the chief medical scientist at IBM Research, overseeing the use of the Watson supercomputer in healthcare.

  • GadiAmit

Gadi Amit

Founder, NewDealDesign

The designer behind some of Silicon Valley's most exciting projects will discuss how sensors should act when they meet the body.

  • Sonia2

Sonia Trigueros

Co-director, Oxford Martin Programme of Nanotechnology and academic fellow at Physics Dept, University of Oxford

Trigueros is using nanotech to develop new medicines such as a drug delivery system for cancer cells.

  • NigelAckland

Nigel Ackland

Prosthetics pioneer

Ackland will speak about the experiences of living with a bionic prosthetic.

  • JenHyatt

Jen Hyatt

CEO and founder, Big White Wall

Hyatt is a social entrepreneur using social networks to transform mental healthcare.

  • JackKr

Jack Kreindler

High-altitude medic and future-technology evangelist

Kreindler will present a special session curated by the Singularity University / Exponential Medicine.

  • BradPerkins

Brad Perkins

Chief medical officer, Human Longevity

Human Longevity was founded to fight age-related diseases.

  • AdamGazzaley

Adam Gazzaley

Founding director, Neuroscience Imaging Center

Gazzaley will explain how video games are the future of medicine and education.

  • Leslie Saxon

Leslie Saxon

Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

Saxon specialises in in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrest and arrhythmias

  • Molly Stevens

Molly Stevens

Research director, Biomedical Material Sciences, Imperial College London

Stevens is an expert in regenerating the body – especially stimulating bone repair

  • Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis

Actor, director, performance capture pioneer, The Imaginarium Studios

The actor, director and WIRED cover star on the art of performance capture

  • will.i.am


Musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist

How a global entertainer built a successful hardware business

  • Tim Peake

Tim Peake

Astronaut, European Space Agency

The British astronaut – who will launch in 2015 – on the challenges of going to space

  • Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman

First British Astronaut

The first Briton in space and the first woman to visit the Mir space station

  • Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson

World Freestyle Football Champion

Reigning F3 World Tour leader and the UK's freestyle champion for five years running

  • Fleur De Force

Fleur de Force

Fashion Blogger

One of the most successful beauty and fashion bloggers in the UK, with a million subscribers on YouTube

  • Chapman

Mark Chapman

Chief engineer,
Bloodhound Project

Chief engineer on the British bid to travel at 1,000mph on land

  • Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman

Chief engineer,
Bloodhound Project

Chief engineer on the British bid to travel at 1,000mph on land

  • John-Hegarty-2

Sir John Hegarty

Cofounder, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Lessons in creativity from an accomplished adman

  • Ron-Arad

Ron Arad

Industrial designer

The recent WIRED cover star shares his rules of innovation

  • Ze-Frank-2

Ze Frank

Viral videographer, BuzzFeed

Where viral video goes next

  • Ze Frank

Ze Frank

Executive vice president of video, Buzzfeed

Joined BuzzFeed in September 2012 to focus on finding new formats in social video

  • Anne-Wojcicki-image

Anne Wojcicki

Cofounder, 23andMe

What you can learn from millions of people's DNA

  • Suleiman-Bakhit

Suleiman Bakhit

Social entrepreneur & storyteller

Creating comic superheroes to change the image of Arab youth

  • Lincoln-Wallen

Lincoln Wallen

Chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation

How DreamWorks reinvented the tools of animation

  • Roma Agrawal

Roma Agrawal

Associate structural engineer, WSP

How engineering shapes the world, from a jelly baby bridge to The Shard

  • Yulia-Marushevska

Yulia Marushevska

Ukrainian student and activist

The citizen behind the Ukrainian crisis's defining video

  • Eric-Ladizinsky

Eric Ladizinsky

Cofounder, D-Wave Systems

The quantum computing era has begun

  • Alex Allmont

Alex Allmont

Programmer & artist

Hacking incredible contraptions from toy bricks (or anything else you have around)

  • Helen Arney

Helen Arney

Geek songstress

Musical comedian who conducts clinical trials on her songs

  • Helen-Arney

Helen Arney

Geek songstress

Musical comedian who conducts clinical trials on her songs

  • Jack-Cator

Jack Cator

Founder & CEO, HideMyAss!

How I built a global business from my parents's sofa at 15

  • Obi-Felten

Obi Felten


Head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world

  • Esther-Dyson

Esther Dyson

Public health promoter

The leading investor shares her mission to build a healthier world

  • Darcus Beese

Darcus Beese

President, Island Records

Darcus Beese entered the music industry as an intern at Island Records

  • David-Birch

David Birch

Global ambassador, Consult Hyperion

Consult Hyperion is a technical and strategic consultancy that specialises in electronic transactions.

  • Lee-Bofkin-2

Lee Bofkin

Cofounder & CEO, Global Street Art

How street art offers new possibilities for our cities

  • Bruce-Hood

Bruce Hood

Experimental psychologist

A scientific basis of magical thinking

  • Billy-Boyle-2

Billy Boyle

Cofounder and President, Operations, Owlstone Nanotech

Boyle's chemical sensors can be programmed to filter out and quantify any chemical by its odour.

  • Suli Breaks

Suli Breaks

Spoken word artist

Suli Breaks' YouTube channel has received over 10 million views

  • Jay-Bregman

Jay Bregman

Founder of Hailo

Lessons learned from taking Hailo international

  • Brian-David-Johnson

Brian David Johnson

Futurist & principal engineer,
Intel Corporation

A futurist at Intel Corporation, responsible for developing an actionable 10-to-15 year vision and strategy for the company's future of technology.

  • Neil-Capel

Neil Capel

Founder and CEO,

An expert in retail marketing technology who uses data science to predict what we will buy online before we know ourselves.

  • John-Coates

John Coates

Senior research fellow, neuroscience and finance, University of Cambridge

Coates previously traded derivatives for Goldman Sachs. He now researches the biology of risk taking and stress.

  • John-Coates

John Coates

Senior research fellow, neuroscience and finance, University of Cambridge

John Coates previously traded derivatives for Goldman Sachs and ran a trading desk for Deutsche Bank. He now researches the biology of risk taking and stress.



Telefónica is fascinated by the ideas and innovations changing the world and is a long-standing supporter of WIRED events. One trend that excites the global company is the fact that innovation now comes from everywhere.

Silicon Valley is still hugely influential – but game-changing ideas are now just as likely to come from London, São Paulo or Tel Aviv. This is why it launched Wayra, a technology accelerator, incubating startups in 12 countries across Europe and Latin America. Telefónica gains access to a wider pool of ideas, and the startups get access to Telefónica’s expertise, plus the opportunity to take their products to some 317 million customers.




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