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“I wanted to say thank you for a well organised opportunity to meet with so many professionals in the creative industry. We have networked with some interesting people and could end up sponsoring a few companies as a direct consequence of the event.”
Jermaine Campbell

“Yet again, the WIRED event blew me away – not only some awe-inspiring speakers but where else would I get the chance to exchange ideas from innovators from so many different industries. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Roll on WIRED2014!”
Ian Connerton
Boots Opticians

“Thank you for these incredibly inspiring two days. I do attend quite a few conferences and I must say the Wired event undoubtedly topped every single one of them in 2013. Congrats for assembling such a line up of amazing speakers. Looking forward to next year!”
Carole Zibi


This fifth flagship event from WIRED convened in London on October 15 and 16, 2015. WIRED2016 will take place in October 2016 — check back soon for speaker updates and agenda announcements.

For a taster of the WIRED2015 event, check out this visual overview by Innovation Arts.

VIDEO: WIRED2015 day one highlights

VIDEO: WIRED2015 day two  highlights


Bringing the WIRED world to life, WIRED2015 showcased the innovators changing the world and promoting disruptive thinking and radical ideas. There were more than 50 speakers over the two-day event, presenting stories about their work in science, design, business and many other fields.

  • Sadi_Web

Sadie Creese

Professor of cybersecurity, Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, UK

Creese has co-written more than 60 academic papers on cyber security, strategy and defence.

  • Mikko_Web

Mikko Hypponen

CRO F-Secure, Finland

Hacker and cyber war specialist Hypponen has been reverse engineering malware since 1991. He has written for the New York Times, Wired and lectured at the universities of Oxford, Stanford and Cambridge.

  • Moty_Web

Moty Cristal

Founder and CEO of NEST, Negotiation Strategies LTD, Israel

Between 1994 and 2001 Cristal worked in Israeli peace negotiation teams. Today his firm defends against cyber hostage taking – when nefarious groups highjack an organisation’s IT systems.

  • Gordon Corera_Web

Gordon Corera

Author, Intercept: The Secret History of Computers and Spies, UK

Veteran reporter and author of several books about international security, Corera has written about presidential races, terrorist groups and the inner working of security services.

  • David Omand_Web

Sir David Omand

Visiting professor, War Studies Department King’s College London, UK

Former director of GCHQ, Omand was the first UK security and intelligence coordinator. His book, Securing the State, was published in 2011.

  • Christopher ahlberg_Web

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO and co-founder Recorded Future, Inc, USA

Ahlberg's Recorded Future analyses the web in real-time to deliver insights into emerging security and business threats. Clients include Accenture, Fujitsu, Levi’s and several governments.

  • Gingger Shankar Web

Gingger Shankar

Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, India

Five-octave vocalist Gingger Shankar is the only female musician to play the ten-string double violin. She has performed with Katy Perry and The Smashing Pumpkins. In partnership with the INK Conference, India.

  • Babar Ali Web

Babar Ali

World’s youngest headmaster, India

Ali started a school in his backyard at the age of nine. He’s now 23, and his organisation in Murshidabad, West Bengal, has around 300 students and ten teachers. In partnership with the INK Conference, India.

  • Roya Mahboob Web

Roya Mahboob

Afghan educator and entrepreneur, Afghanistan

As one of Afghanistan’s few female entrepreneurs, Mahboob has faced multiple threats in her homeland. She has created nine IT centres for girls and plans to expand the project throughout the continent.

  • Sam Gregory Web

Sam Gregory

Program director, WITNESS, USA

WITNESS uses video to highlight human-rights abuses and give a voice to the oppressed. Sam Gregory launched a Webby-nominated human-rights YouTube channel and talks on the subject.

  • Leslie John Web

Leslie K John

Irrationality analyst, USA

Leslie John, a Harvard Business School assistant professor, researches the seemingly paradoxical and self-destructive decisions that people make – with a focus on online privacy.

  • Miho Janvier Web

Miho Janvier

Sun storm scientist, France

Miho Janvier is an astrophysicist studying the Sun’s atmosphere, in particular solar flares and how they impact Earth’s weather patterns. She works at France's Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale.

  • Alexander Reben Web

Alexander Reben

Robot builder, USA

Alexander Reben is fascinated by AI. He builds robots – such as The First Law, that can choose to hurt its operator – to explore their relationships with humans.

  • Di Mainstone Web

Di Mainstone

Artist and film-maker, UK

Di Mainstone is an audio artist whose projects include The Human Harp – a kit that turns suspension bridges, including Brooklyn Bridge, into giant harp pianos.

  • Babar Afzal Web

Babar Afzal

Pashmina goat farmer, India

Former McKinsey analyst Afzal quit his lucrative career to become a Pashmina goatherd. He will share his journey from India’s tech scene to its Kashmir valley.

  • Daniel Becerra Web

Daniel Becerra

Off-grid energy engineer, UK

With BuffaloGrid, Daniel Becerra is using solar energy to provide power and internet connectivity to millions of people who have a mobile phone but limited access to electricity. In partnership with the Gifted Citizen programme, Mexico.

  • Ed Barton Web

Ed Barton

AR and VR pioneer, UK

Ed Barton's company Curiscope is democratising augmented- and virtual-reality experiences, and making education more interactive with its Virtuali-Tee biology app.

  • Cheng-Ho Jimmy Lin Web

Cheng-Ho Jimmy Lin

Fighting cancer with genomics, USA

At Californian biotech firm Natera, chief scientific officer for oncology Cheng-Ho Jimmy Lin is using genomics to create personalised treatment in the fight against cancer and other rare diseases.

  • Samantha Payne Web

Samantha Payne

Bionic arm builder, UK

Samantha Payne’s Open Bionics turns amputee children into superheroes with its robotic hands, inspired by the worlds of Frozen, Star Wars and Iron Man.

  • Sir Mark Walport300

Sir Mark Walport

Chief scientific adviser to HM Government

Sir Mark Walport's 2015 report 'Distributed ledger technology: beyond block chain' suggests the technology is key to the UK's future economic growth.

  • Eden300

Edan Yago,

CEO, Epiphyte

Epiphyte provides financial institutions with faster, cheaper and most transparent international transactions over the Bitcoin blockchain network.

  • Amos Meiri

Amos Meiri

CEO & co-founder, Colu

Bitcoin entrepreneur Amos Meiri founded Colu -- a platform that uses blockchain technology to bring trust to all types of transactions, both digital and physical.

  • Anne300

Anne Boden

CEO & Founder, Starling Bank

With Starling Bank, Boden is creating a mobile-first bank that’s designed with usability at its core.

  • Marta300

Marta Krupinska

Co-founder and general manager, Azimo

Azimo is a low-cost, fast and safe way to send money to 195 countries. Its services include cash pick-up, bank transfer, phone top-ups and a mobile wallet.

  • Katryn300

Kathryn Petralia

Chief operations officer, Kabbage

Petralia co-founded Kabbage, a platform offering capital or small loans to people who sell products online – whether it’s jewellery on Etsy or iPhone cases on eBay.

  • PhilipeRosedale

Philip Rosedale

Virtual reality platform builder

Creator of virtual civilisation Second Life, Rosedale is now CEO and co-founder of High Fidelity -- a company pioneering shared virtual worlds.

  • Joe Lonsdale web

Joe Lonsdale

Entrepreneur and investor

Lonsdale co-founded big data analytics firm Palantir and is partner at VC fund 8VC. An investor in fintech firms Prosper Daily and Aspiration, he brings a Silicon Valley view on Europe’s entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • MustafaSuleyman

Mustafa Suleyman

Artificial intelligence pioneer

Co-founder of Google DeepMind and head of applied AI, Suleyman oversees the company’s projects to simulate brain-like neural networks.

  • Jo Berry web

Jo Berry

Peace activist

Berry’s father was killed in the IRA’s Brighton Hotel bombing. Now, her NGO, Building Bridges for Peace, aims to promote peace with communication and forgiveness.

  • Taavet Hinrikus web

Taavet Hinrikus

Entrepreneur and investor

Hinrikus was Skype’s first employee before co-founding TransferWise – one of London’s few unicorn startups – in 2011. He shares lessons on building transformative companies.

  • Chris Lejeune web

Chris Lejeune

Immersive experience designer

Lejeune’s creative studio, Obscura Digital, creates digital experiences such as hologram performances and light installations at global landmarks, including the Vatican and the Empire State Building.

  • Sheelika Ravishankar web

Sheelika Ravishankar

Moonshot co-ordinator

Team Indus, India’s private space programme, aims to land a spacecraft on the Moon by 2018. Ravishankar is building its workforce and leads its outreach programme.

  • Daan Roosegaarde web

Daan Roosegaarde

Artist & innovator

Dutch artist Roosegaarde creates social designs that beg to be interacted with, and which explore the relationships between people, technology and space.

  • Thor Bjorgolfsson web

Thor Bjorgolfsson

Iceland's sole billionaire

The Icelandic investor and self-proclaimed “adventure capitalist” who made billions, lost everything, then made it all back, shares some lessons learned.

  • ShekaKapur

Shekhar Kaphur

Bollywood filmmaker & philosopher

A Bafta-award-winning filmmaker, Kapur has directed hit international and Bollywood movies, including Elizabeth and Bandit Queen. As a storyteller he embraces both panic and spirituality as creative tools.

  • Chris Turner web

Chris Turner

Comedian and freestyle rapper

UK comedian and lightning-fast freestyle rapper, Turner has more than 2.5 million video views on YouTube. Be prepared to be part of his act.

  • Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson

President & CEO, Uphold

Uphold helps people move, hold and spend any form of money or commodity online. It has enabled more than $900 million in transactions.

  • Hardeep Walia

Hardeep Walia

CEO & founder, Motif Investment

Motif lets investors build portfolios around broad concepts and themes, such as natural resources or biotech.

  • Paulo Maqrues

Paulo Marques

CTO & co-founder, Feedzai

Paulo Marques’ data science firm Feedzai uses machine learning to prevent fraud for payment networks, banks and retailers.

  • Shamir Karkal

Shamir Karkal

Head of open APIs, BBVA

Karkal aims to open up the core banking platform and services of BBVA and allow companies to build products and services on top of them.

  • Christina Kehl

Christina Kehl

MD & president, SFS & Co-founder, Knip

Co-founder of mobile-first insurance broker, Knip, Christina Kehl helped launch Swiss Finance Startups – an association of more than 70 fintech innovators.

  • Anthony300

Anthony Thomson

Founder and chairman, Atom Bank

Thomson is currently building Atom, a digital bank that aims to provide people with all the services of a normal bank, via a mobile app.

  • Johnathan300

Jonathan Medved

Founder and CEO, OurCrowd

Israeli company OurCrowd enables startup investment via crowdfunding. Startups regularly raise millions of dollars using the platform.

  • JP300

JP Rangaswami

Chief data officer, Deutsche Bank

The former chief scientist of Salesforce is now responsible for enhancing Deutsche Bank’s data quality and controls, to improve its digital strategy.

  • Aldo300

Aldo Monteforte

Founder & CEO, The Floow

Monteforte’s The Floow is using smartphones as a data collecting device for insurance companies, reducing premiums and making driving safer.

  • Matthias300

Matthias Kröner

CEO & board spokesman, Fidor Bank

Formerly the youngest CEO of a German direct bank, Kröner is CEO of digital bank Fidor, which recently launched in the UK.

  • Hank300

Hank Uberoi

CEO, Earthport

Earthport aims to create a faster, cheaper cross-border payments system. Typically it offers 50 percent cheaper remittances than the market average.

  • Müller300

Alexander Graubner-Müller

CEO and co-founder, Kreditech

Using big data algorithms and automated processes the Kreditech creates a credit score for everyone – including the unbanked population.

  • Kim300

Kim Miller

Founder and CEO, Guevara

Serial entrepreneur Kim Miller founded Guevara, a car insurance platform that allows drivers to pool their premiums for significant savings.

  • Vincent Connare

Vincent Connare

Comic Sans creator

The designer of Comic Sans explains what happens when you design the world’s most controversial typeface - which is both loved and loathed.

VIDEO: WIRED2015 highlights, day one


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