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“I wanted to say thank you for a well organised opportunity to meet with so many professionals in the creative industry. We have networked with some interesting people and could end up sponsoring a few companies as a direct consequence of the event.”
Jermaine Campbell

“Yet again, the WIRED event blew me away – not only some awe-inspiring speakers but where else would I get the chance to exchange ideas from innovators from so many different industries. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Roll on WIRED2014!”
Ian Connerton
Boots Opticians

“Thank you for these incredibly inspiring two days. I do attend quite a few conferences and I must say the Wired event undoubtedly topped every single one of them in 2013. Congrats for assembling such a line up of amazing speakers. Looking forward to next year!”
Carole Zibi


Bringing the WIRED world to life, WIRED events showcase the innovators changing the world and promoting disruptive thinking and radical ideas. At WIRED2015 there were more than 50 speakers over the two-day event, presenting stories about their work in science, design, business and many other fields.


Our fifth flagship event, WIRED2015 built on the success of the previous year’s event. WIRED2014 delivered insights from inspirational speakers including musician and entrepreneur will.i.am, genetics entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki and world-renowned designer Ron Arad, an interactive Test Lab product area and excellent networking.

Here’s what the WIRED2014 community had to say about the event.

“WIRED14 was the most inspirational event I have ever attended. The quality of the speakers was the best I have ever seen.” — Lee Bailey, Head of events, Barclays

“It was a brilliant line-up, expertly curated and an extremely stimulating crowd of people. … The event genuinely opened me up to completely new ways of thinking about the world, which is perhaps the biggest compliment I can give.” — Leo von Bülow-Quirk, Managing director, Chartwell Worldwide Speakers Bureau

“That was an amazing two days. You did such a fantastic job – really remarkable. Still zinging.” — Natascha McElhone, Actor

“I used to attend Web 2.0 Summit every year in SF and the main WIRED event is the closest I’ve found to it. About time we had something this good in London.” — Mark Wilson, Managing director, Wilson Fletcher

“I cover a lot of events and have to say it was one of the best I have ever been to! Due to the quality of the speakers and the pure diversity of the subject matter over the two days! My mind was blown in most of the sessions!” — William Harvey, Creative lab technologist, Ogilvy Labs, exhibitor

“Great event! I’d say it was definitely a success on a brand awareness level.” — Kuljeet Briah, Marketing campaign manager, Interoute, exhibitor

“WIRED is the one event we won’t miss every year. It’s just fantastic for networking and hosting our clients for a couple of days.” — Miriam Hendrick, Head of account management, ROTHCO

“WIRED is an extraordinary mix of fascinating topics delivered with passion and style and makes you rethink anything you ever thought! Definitely coming again next year!” — Barry Jessop, First Base

“It’s a fantastic event to help us look to the future and understand the impact on the world we live in.” — Gareth Hall, Strategic North

“As a CTO of a software technology company, WIRED14 resets and reboots me for inspiration and enthusiasm for solving long term strategic problems in the business. Attending WIRED helps you solve big problems in a commercially viable way.” — Leslie Muller, CTO, WMWare

“WIRED14 puts you out of your comfort zone in a good way! It provides new ideas that I wouldn’t get from a standard tech conference.” — Ruben Arakelyan, Product management analyst, Shell

“The range of speakers, the diverse agenda, the professional presentation, depth of intellectual content and scale of team-work together constituted the most dynamic conference that I have ever attended.” — John Mohin

“WIRED14 was a most enlightening, enjoyable and valuable two days. In all respects WIRED achieved the ‘holy trinity’ of successful events in my mind: that combination of great speakers, fascinating exhibitions and interesting delegates.” — John O’Brien, Co- founder, Destria Partners

“This event was tremendously well-conceived, with such a diverse array of interesting speakers all able to convey state of their art thinking in a concise and fascinating way. … It was one of the best events we’ve attended in some time, and we found ourselves in very interesting conversations with the best of our peers in addition to new potential partners and allies.” — Andrew Whitney, Director of strategy & corporate development, Briggs Automotive Company Ltd.

“That was a wonderful and inspiring and moving day – you draw quite the best crowd.” — Amanda Levete, Founder, Amanda Levete Architects

“Thank you for a wonderful couple of days at WIRED14. It was an incredibly interesting and inspiring two days. Your entire team deserves to be congratulated. Looking forward to WIRED15…” — Steve Gilroy, Chief executive, Vistage

“Thank you again for a FANTASTIC conference. I always come away so inspired and with conversational fodder for the next month.” — Cecilia Muldoon, Founder and CEO, VeriVin Ltd

“What an amazing event it was. … It was exceptionally curated – alongside some truly amazing moments.” — Lucy Crystal, Editorial producer, Google

“I only missed two speakers throughout the entire two days such was my enjoyment of it. You did a truly excellent job. Nico Sell telling folks to avoid social media and data capture to be followed by the Zeitgeist team was great. Will.i.am excelled, though my speaker of the two days was Yulia Murushevska but they were all so good. The event format is well managed: quantum physics in 15 minutes a marker of its success. You had a great lineup of speakers and I was really impressed to meet with them.” — Jonathan Curran

“The conference was very inspiring, thought-provoking as well as entertaining. I also want to commend you and your team for setting an agenda where one-third of the speakers were female. Something that I rarely see at tech/innovation events like this. Well done and thank you.” — Hermann Ørn

“It was inspirational, fascinating and entertaining.” — Mark Webster, GreatFridays

“Such mind-bending stuff, especially the quantum mechanics.” — Cristian Cussen, Head of marketing, Android, Devices & Social, UK, Google

“As usual, top-notch experience, that moment when you announced the surprise speaker was Zaha Hadid, you should have heard the jaws of the woman sitting behind me dropping on the floor. Was really amazing this moment you created with her and Will.i.am.” — Laurent Haug

“Great lineup, very inspirational and nice to meet up with what are becoming old friends!” — Mike Gunton, Creative director, BBC

“Congratulations on another amazing and truly inspirational event. … No other event gives you the sheer diversity of topics and quality of speakers.” — Steve Bartholomew, Director of external communications, Telefónica, Headline partner

“It was a great event, well-put together program, inspiring speakers and a wonderful attending crowd.” — Alexandra Schiel, DLD Conferences

“Congratulations on an outstanding conference.” — Ruth Mackenzie, Interim chief executive & creative director, The Space

“I found the event hugely inspiring – some great speakers, and I thought the venue was excellent.” — Naomi Troni, Global chief growth officer, Lowe

“An amazing conference, possibly the most interesting and varied that I have been on, and I have been on quite a few down the years…” — Damien Devine, COO, Curation

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for another fantastic WIRED event. I cried substantially less than I did last year – but nonetheless found inspiration and got to speak to Eric from D-Wave (one of my modern day heroes) which I’m still buzzing about.” — Kam Star, Digital Shoreditch/Playgen, Media partner

“It was a wonderfully nourishing event. Zaha’s designs for Will.iam’s bands were breathtaking.” — Conrad Bodman

VIDEO: WIRED2015 highlights, day one

VIDEO: WIRED2015 highlights, day two

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