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“Thanks so much for inviting me to speak at WIRED Health. I thought it was superbly organised and the content was fascinating. I look forward to next year!”
Billy Boyle (Main Stage speaker)
Cofounder, Owlstone Nanotech

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for including me in WIRED Health’s startup program. It was a fantastic experience to meet so many wonderful people and learn about the game changing innovations on the horizon. It was lovely to spend with dynamic colleagues.”
Keira Barr (Startup Stage speaker)
CEO & founder, A.R.O., Inc.

“Thanks again for the fantastic WIRED Health conference last week. It was a pleasure and honour to speak on the day, and we made some excellent connections. The mix of people was superb!”
Bruce Hellman (Main Stage speaker)
CEO & founder, uMotif

“Thank you for inviting Azoi to WIRED Health. [We] made some interesting connections and benefited from some very useful insight and guidance from key people within the industry in the UK. We very much enjoyed the day. So thank you and congratulations on putting together a great day.”
Toby Walsh (Startup Stage speaker)
Azoi Inc.

“Your team excelled themselves, it was a great event and your contributions were clearly a huge part of that. I wish all event planners were as good as your team!”
Clementine Baig, on behalf of Ali Parsa (Main Stage speaker)
Babylon Partners

“I was just at WIRED Health which was a very well organized, standing-room only event — really first class in every way. Tons of press and lots of interesting speakers/thinkers. I’m sure the main WIRED event in October will be even grander and better.”
Sonny X Vu (Main Stage speaker)
CEO & founder, Misfit Wearables

“Our CEO, Daniel Ghinn wanted me to pass on his thanks to you and the team for a really interesting day […] I know he found it refreshing to see so much good science in a conference on health technology and the opportunity to see old friends and meet up with new people in healthcare innovation.”
Tessa Duggleby (delegate)
Global communications manager, Creation Healthcare

“I really enjoyed the day, I thought it was an excellent mix of presenters and topics.”
Dr George Brighton (delegate)
Core surgical trainee, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Torbay Hospital

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WIRED Health is designed to introduce, explain and predict trends in the medical and personal healthcare industries. It is a showcase for the extraordinary innovators using technology to re-imagine the health sector.

The WIRED Health Clinic is a curated space featuring a select group of exciting and innovative brands and products hand-picked by the team at WIRED.

At WIRED Health 2015 the exhibition included:

Working over the next 20 years, MedCity aims to position London and the south east of England as a world leading, interconnected region for life science research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation.

Alternative Limb Project
The Alternative Limb Project provides prosthetics to blend in with the body or stand out, such as a crystal leg, a speaker leg, a leg with drawers and a realistic foot.
Alternative Limb Project

Carbon Black Wheelchair
Carbon Black wheelchair aims to be the world’s coolest wheelchair and is constructed from F1-specification carbon fibre.
Carbon Black System

Elvie is a pebble-shaped device that can be connected to an iPad or iPhone and used to measure pelvic floor contractions.

Cupris Health
Cupris Health turns smartphones into medical devices using clip-on attachments. It also provides secure cloud-based health services for data captured by the devices.

The PIP is a thumb-sized bio-sensor with accompanying apps to help you measure, understand and learn to manage stress.

Insulin Angel
Insulin Angel is a temperature and proximity device that connects to an app running on your smart device that assists people with diabetes in looking after their medication and dosage.
Insulin Angel

Using MRI scanning, Klarismo can measure and track a person’s fitness and performance potential in unprecedented detail.

Lumo Lift
Lumo Lift tracks your posture, steps, calories and distance covered wherever you go and syncs wirelessly with iOS devices as well as Windows 7 or higher.
Lumo BodyTech

Medopad is a mobile health solution that delivers patient information and clinical applications straight to a doctor’s tablet device.

Milon’s Milonizer is a biometric recognition system that determines the user’s body dimensions automatically in a number of seconds.

MIRA is a PC software application that uses the Microsoft Kinect device to transform traditional physiotherapy exercises in video games.
MIRA Rehab

Starstim is a wireless device that records and stimulates EEG brain activity. It is connected to the cloud to allow for home use.

MinION™ is a portable device for molecular analyses driven by nanopore technology. It is adaptable for the analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins or small molecules.
Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Brain Map
Peak’s Brain Map can demonstrate performance in brain games before and after alcohol consumption or short relaxation sessions.

QardioArm, QardioCore and QardioBase
Qardio’s products include a clinically approved portable, the QardioCore wireless blood pressure monitor, a smart wireless EKG/ECG monitor and the QardioBase wireless smart scale.

TAO WellShell and the TAO Chair
TAO WellShell is the mobile device enabling actual exercise anywhere. TAO Chair delivers the same core-based workout while you watch TV.

BRUISE is a smart injury detection suit, which uses a recyclable pressure-sensitive film to indicate the severity of injuries.
Team Bruise

MYRUN TECHNOGYM is designed to offer personalised training programmes and running technique feedback.

Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band, the first device powered by Microsoft Health software, is a fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality.
Microsoft Band

Withings creates a wide range of lifestyle devices including smart scales, activity trackers, smart watches, baby monitors, sleep monitors and heart monitors.

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