WIRED Money 2015 will convene on July 8 at The British Museum in London. Last year’s event sold out, so secure your place early.

WIRED Money 2014 Startup Stage

The Startup Stage will run alongside the Main Stage talks at WIRED Money. Here, a wide range of fast-growing businesses working in the banking and finance space will introduce their organisations and explain their objectives, aims and applications. The Startup Stage talks will offer insight into the thrills and difficulties of forming a new business, as well being the perfect platform to meet tomorrow’s game changers. Click here to see the agenda (pdf)


Bruce Davis, Abundance.

Abundance is an FCA-regulated online community investment platform. It allows anyone in Europe to invest directly in UK renewable energy projects, with as little as £5. Abundance provides an easy means of connecting people to renewable energy projects happening near them and gives people the opportunity to engage with renewables by investing their money into something tangible and green.




Samer Karam, alice

alice. has been dubbed a startup index and investment platform. It works by analysing hundreds of data types with thousands of data points for individual startups, which are benchmarked against the industry and market. alice. uses modern portfolio theory to create a diversified index of startups across regions or industry verticals. Investors can invest directly in these startup indexes like they would any other security. alice. aims to create a new asset class that bridges the startup investment gap.



Nicolas Cary, Blockchain

Blockchain is working on software to make using bitcoin easy, safe, and secure for consumers and businesses. It currently provides some of the most popular bitcoin products, including a wallet, bitcoin API, block explorer and search engine. Blockchain consists of about 20 people, with engineering teams in York, Silicon Valley, and Tokyo. There are more than 1.65 million Blockchain.info wallets in use and the site receives some 400 million impressions per month.




Jonathan Levin, Coinometrics

Coinometrics is a data and analytics platform for bitcoin. Cofounder Jonathan Levin hopes it will be the primary source of trusted real-time data and analytics for bitcoin. The bitcoin revolution is producing a vast amount of data, which Coinometrics analyses and display on a dynamic analytics dashboard for its subscribers. The site tracks the data and applies it to establish economic metrics, comparing it to other existing currencies to create usable information.



Daniel Abrahams, CurrencyTransfer

CurrencyTransfer is an online marketplace for international payments. Businesses can access foreign exchange quotes from multiple FCA regulated brokers and book trades from a single place. Since 2010, MyCurrencyTransfer.com has helped consumers find the best currency deals, helping customers transact over £385 million of currency transactions.  Founders Daniel Abrahams and Stevan Litobac also launched MyCurrencyTransfer and MyTransferMoney.co.uk.



Nadav Avidan, eToro

eToro is a global investment network with over 3.5 million registered users in over 200 countries. The network is built on the premise of social trading, which enables every investor to see, follow and automatically copy the actions of other investors in real time. By harnessing the wisdom of the crowd eToro hopes its members will benefit from accelerated information exchange, knowledge sharing and the ability to quickly identify the best investment opportunities.




Ed Hodges, InAuth

InAuth is a mobile and browser fraud & malware detection platform that helps authenticate and identify the user without the need for a pin or password. The InAuth suite includes Malware, Device Asserted Identity, Deep location lookups and Persistent ID modules. It integrates with clients’ apps and websites that then interact with the InAuth risk engine. It has been designed to fit into the existing systems or risk management tools of Financial Services and Online Retailers seamlessly and transparently.



Graham Thomas, Join Sam

The United Nations says that less than five percent of youth globally have access to a savings account because banks create significant barriers or are uninterested in creating products that are right for children and young people. Join SAM is a digital money box where children and their families can save, earn and learn about money. Its goal is to bring savings to all children by disrupting the existing model. It is currently in beta launch in the UK.



Margaret MacKenzie, Justinvesting

JustInvesting is a collaborative investment platform for venture capitalists, angel investors and companies. Although access to the platform is secure, the platform itself is built to be collaborative and to foster global capital partnerships. By partnering with its clientele, JustInvesting aims to increase the global flow of investment capital.


Philippe Gelis, Kantox

Kantox works in foreign exchange and aims to bring transparency to the sector. It offers SMEs and ‘mid-cap’ companies – with revenues of up to four billion Euros – a foreign currency exchange solution based on its peer-to-peer trading platform. Kantox allows them to avoid the high and often hidden fees that are charged by banks and brokers.




John G. Booth, Midpoint

Midpoint is a peer-to-peer foreign exchange and international payments platform. The service matches businesses and individuals with their opposite currency needs, eliminating the ‘spread or margin’ component from transactions — which is often between two and five percent. Instead, Midpoint charges a single flat fee, which depends on the amount of the transaction. Midpoint is FCA authorised and registered as a payments institution in the UK.




Gavin Littlejohn, Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an application which gives UK consumers an accurate view of their financial lives. It allows people to automatically load their banking and credit card accounts from different providers into a single view, making it easy to monitor spending and see where to make cuts. Spending patterns are used to predict future outgoings to help people plan realistically for the future. By giving users better visibility and control they can make more informed decisions.



Brian Taylor, Pixelpin

PixelPin is a password replacement tool that allows users to sign in to a PixelPin enabled app or website using an image. When a PixelPin account is set up, the user chooses a picture that’s personal to them, plus four points in sequence on the image. That PixelPin picture can then be to sign in to any website or app that uses the service. Passwords aren’t working and PixelPin offers a private, secure and easy to use alternative.



Lex Deak, QVentures

QVentures is a members-only investment club that allows wealthy private investors, entrepreneurs and venture capital firms to team up and invest in startups. The online platform helps tackle the lack of high quality equity finance between £250,000 and £5 million available to growing companies. QVentures also provides its members access to like-minded entrepreneurs and financiers, creating opportunities for advisory positions within small companies.



Peter Behrens, RateSetter

RateSetter is both a loan and savings platform that allows creditworthy borrowers access to low-cost loans and gives savers competitive returns. RateSetter is not a bank. It aims to assist ordinary people in lending and borrowing money. Borrowers say how much money they need, then they set the interest rate they’re happy to pay. Savers say how much money they want to invest, then they set the interest they’re happy to receive. RateSetter matches them up.



Dorian Selz, Squirro

Squirro is a context intelligence company that combines structured and unstructured data to provide insight. Users choose the data they want to combine in real-time, to achieve better understanding of their customers, business and markets. It’s based on Squirro’s filter technology that connects unrelated data points, and aims to give a long-term positive impact on revenues, risks and costs. The company has offices in Zurich, London and Philadelphia.



Daniel Klein, SumUp

SumUp is a mobile point-of-sale tool that allows merchants to accept credit and debit cards using smartphones or tablets. SumUp’s mobile card acceptance solution is built on proprietary end-to-end Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) payment technology, terminal hardware and mobile applications. SumUp charges a small 1.96% fee per card transaction in the UK. Launched in August 2012, SumUp is now in 12 countries, including the UK, Germany, Russia and Brazil.




Jess Williamson, Barclays Accelerator

Barclays and Techstars have joined forces to launch a startup accelerator dedicated to fintech. The three month programme is based in a new open innovation space in East London, supported by the resources of both a world leading bank and the respected Techstars startup accelerator. It is designed to support new businesses on their journey to delivering breakthrough innovations that will help shape the future of financial services.




Fredrik Hedberg, Tink

Tink is a mobile app that aims to make personal finance simple, fun and smart. The app continuously collects, sorts and analyses multiple data points about its user’s personal finances and delivers it in a clean and simple timeline. The aim is to show exactly where a user’s money is going and how better to manage their money in an interesting manner. The company was created in Stockholm by Fredrik Hedberg, Daniel Kjellén in June 2012.