Disrupting the commerce sector – November 24, 2014

Discover the future of retail

The retail sector is undergoing the biggest transformation since the car enabled the out-of-town shopping mall. WIRED Retail will bring together startups, tech giants and established players to discuss the converging trends and technologies disrupting commerce today.

At this one-day conference, WIRED will unravel the themes defining the merging on- and off-line retail space, including:

  • Shopping across every device
  • Socially curated marketplaces
  • Online behaviour shaping your in-store experience
  • Personalised advertising
  • New global customers coming online
  • Mobile wallets
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Instant delivery

What you can expect?

We’ll be taking a look into the future, asking:

  • How drones could solve the “last mile” problem
  • Why anyone who can build a community can build a retail brand
  • How stepping into a 3D rendering of your kitchen could turbocharge homeware sales
  • How tech giants are sending algorithmically-driven vans to your postcode, predicting when you’ll order groceries next
  • How retail jobs will evolve when artificial intelligence reaches the level of Samantha in the film Her
  • When bloggers will outperform department stores in sales

This is WIRED’s 10th London event, a series defined by excellent speaker curation and world-class networking.

WIRED Retail offers a fresh focus on the opportunities for smart, established retailers, disruptors, investors, marketers, designers, advertisers, buyers and policymakers.

We hope to see you there for powerful conversations, connections and insights from established industry powerhouses, and under-the-radar newcomers with big ambitions.

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