WIRED2014 Innovation Fellowships

The WIRED Innovation Fellowships were open to any individual working in fields covered by WIRED who, in the WIRED team’s opinion, has the potential to make a significant impact on the world.

Competition was fierce among the emerging innovators in science, technology, design, culture, business, the arts, and other fields covered by the magazine, who both excited in their fresh and energetic approach, and who have achieved a proven track record of early success. People were invited to apply to become a fellow in January 2014 and WIRED had almost 200 high calibre applicants.

The WIRED Innovation Fellows had speaking slots on stage at WIRED 2014.

  • Nina-Tandon

Nina Tandon

Stem cell researcher, EpiBone

How to grow human bone in a lab

  • Mina-Girgis

Mina Girgis

Ethnomusicologist, The Nile Project

Using music to obliterate borders in Africa

  • Nelly-Ben-Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Designer of experiences

Space orchestras, underwater field work and other designed experiences

  • Rachel-Wingfield

Rachel Wingfield

Designer, researcher and educator, Loop.pH

The pop-up spa and other experiences that rethink the city

  • Sandesh-Reddy

Sandesh Reddy

Chef and creator of Kichin, India

How to disrupt the restaurant industry with technology

  • Uma-Ramakrishnan

Uma Ramakrishnan

Biodiversity ecologist, India

Developing genetic tools to understand tiger populations

  • Emiliano-Kargieman

Emiliano Kargieman

Private space pioneer, Satellogic

The Argentinian startup launching a satellite constellation

  • Joel-Jackson

Joel Jackson

Founder, Mobius Motors, Kenya

The British twentysomething who decided to build a car factory in Africa

  • Dhairya-Dand

Dhairya Dand

Researcher and artist, MIT Media Lab

You will never think of wearables in the same way

  • Skylar-Tibbits

Skylar Tibbits

Artist and computational architect, MIT Department of Architecture

Reinventing materials, from programmable carbon fibre to 4D printing