WIRED2014 Main Stage speakers

With WIRED2014 we aim to gather the people changing the world and defining the future. Our Main Stage will bring together more than 45 speakers from a multitude of disciplines, including: art, digital media, geopolitics, programming, advertising, the life sciences and more. Further speakers will be announced in the lead-up to the event.

This year also sees the introduction of the WIRED Innovation Fellows, find out more here.

  • Lee Bofkin

Lee Bofkin

Cofounder & CEO

Global Street Art
Global Street Art is a unique artist-led street art channel that holds the largest online street art archive.

  • Sam Bompas

Sam Bompas


Bompas & Parr
Bompas & Parr is a design studio specialising in flavour-based experiences, culinary research, architectural installations and contemporary food design.

  • Jay Bregman

Jay Bregman

Founder & CEO

Hailo matches passengers with licensed taxi drivers. The service claims that a "hail" is accepted around the world every two seconds from its global network of over 50,000 drivers.

  • Esther Dyson

Esther Dyson


HICCup & Way to Wellville
Esther Dyson's HICCup runs The Way to Wellville, an open-source challenge devoted to finding and testing models that benefit community health and return profits to investors and health to participants.

  • Ze Frank

Ze Frank

Executive vice president of video

Ze Frank joined BuzzFeed in September 2012 to focus on finding new formats in social video.

  • Charmian Gooch

Charmian Gooch

Cofounder & director

Global Witness
Global Witness is a non-profit campaigning organisation that addresses the links between natural resource exploitation and the funding of conflict and corruption.

  • John Graham-Cumming

John Graham-Cumming


Programmer and writer John Graham-Cumming is perhaps best known for launching a successful petition requesting the British Government apologise for its persecution of Alan Turing.

  • Sir John Hegarty

Sir John Hegarty

Founder & creative

John Hegarty has worked in the advertising industry for over six decades and is responsible for the likes of Audi's Vorsprung durch Technik campaign and the Lynx Effect adverts.

  • Andrew Hessel

Andrew Hessel

Distinguished research scientist

Andrew Hessel aims to help industry, academics, and authorities better understand the changes happening in life science.

  • Bruce Hood

Bruce Hood

Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society

University of Bristol
Bruce Hood is an academic, writer and presenter whose work is focused on cognitive development.

  • Eric Ladizinsky

Eric Ladizinsky

Cofounder & Chief Scientist

D-Wave Systems
Physicist Eric Ladizinsky previously worked at TRW (now Northrop Grumman) on the world’s most advanced superconducting integrated circuit capability for superconducting supercomputers.

  • Yulia Marushevska

Yulia Marushevska

Student & Activist

Yulia Marushevska is a Ukrainian graduate student who featured anonymously in a short video entitled I Am A Ukrainian, in which she explains the reasons thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets in the Euromaidan protests.

  • Sugata Mitra

Sugata Mitra

Professor of Educational Technology

Newcastle University
Sugata Mitra was the winner of the 2013 TED Prize for his idea to build a "school in the cloud", where children can explore and learn from one another.

  • Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak

Author & academic

Elif Shafak an award-winning Turkish novelist. She writes in both English and Turkish, and has published 13 books, nine of which are novels, including: The Bastard of Istanbul, The Forty Rules of Love, Honour and her nonfiction memoir Black Milk.

  • Shlomo


Beatboxer & musician

Simon "Shlomo" Kahn gave up astrophysics to become a musician. The beatboxer and loop master has since collaborated with the likes of DJ Yoda, Damon Albarn and Jarvis Cocker.

  • Saul Singer

Saul Singer


Start-Up Nation
Saul Singer is the co-author of Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle, a book he wrote with Dan Senor that explains how Israel built the largest innovation sector outside of Silicon Valley.

  • Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

Founder & Creative Director

In 1999 Yuri Suzuki began working for the Japanese art group Maywa Denki, where he developed an interest in the relationship between music and technology.

  • Anne Wojcicki

Anne Wojcicki

CEO & cofounder

In 1999 Yuri Suzuki began working for the Japanese art group Maywa Denki, where he developed an interest in the relationship between music and technology.

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