WIRED2014 Main Stage speakers

With WIRED2014 we aim to gather the people changing the world and defining the future. Our Main Stage will bring together more than 45 speakers from a multitude of disciplines, including art, digital media, geopolitics, programming, advertising, the life sciences and more. Further speakers will be announced in the lead-up to the event.

This year also sees the introduction of the WIRED Innovation Fellows, who will also be speaking on stage. Find out more here.

  • will.i.am


Musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist

How a global entertainer built a successful hardware business

  • Chapman

Mark Chapman

Chief engineer,
Bloodhound Project

Chief engineer on the British bid to travel at 1,000mph on land

  • John-Hegarty-2

Sir John Hegarty

Cofounder, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Lessons in creativity from an accomplished adman

  • Ron-Arad

Ron Arad

Industrial designer

The recent WIRED cover star shares his rules of innovation

  • Ze-Frank-2

Ze Frank

Viral videographer, BuzzFeed

Where viral video goes next

  • Anne-Wojcicki-image

Anne Wojcicki

Cofounder, 23andMe

What you can learn from millions of people's DNA

  • Suleiman-Bakhit

Suleiman Bakhit

Social entrepreneur & storyteller

Creating comic superheroes to change the image of Arab youth

  • Lincoln-Wallen

Lincoln Wallen

Chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation

How DreamWorks reinvented the tools of animation

  • Yulia-Marushevska

Yulia Marushevska

Ukrainian student and activist

The citizen behind the Ukrainian crisis's defining video

  • Eric-Ladizinsky

Eric Ladizinsky

Cofounder, D-Wave Systems

The quantum computing era has begun

  • Helen-Arney

Helen Arney

Geek songstress

Musical comedian who conducts clinical trials on her songs

  • Obi-Felten

Obi Felten


Head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world

  • Esther-Dyson

Esther Dyson

Public health promoter

The leading investor shares her mission to build a healthier world

  • Lee-Bofkin-2

Lee Bofkin

Cofounder & CEO, Global Street Art

How street art offers new possibilities for our cities

  • Bruce-Hood

Bruce Hood

Experimental psychologist

A scientific basis of magical thinking

  • Jay-Bregman

Jay Bregman

Founder of Hailo

Lessons learned from taking Hailo international

  • Demis-HASSABIS

Demis Hassabis

Founder & CEO, DeepMind Technologies

Artificial intelligence expert whose London startup, DeepMind, was bought by Google in January

  • Sam-Bompas

Sam Bompas

Contemporary food designer, Bompas & Parr

Food as you have never experienced it

  • Andrew-Hessel-2

Andrew Hessel

Biohacker, Autodesk

When anybody can write genetic code, humanity's security is up for grabs

  • Cesar-A.-Hidalgo

César A. Hidalgo

Network and complexity artist, MIT Media Lab

How to make big data visible and actionable

  • Blaise-Aguera-y-Arcas

Blaise Aguera y Arcas

Machine intelligence specialist

Google's Principal Scientist, who is an expert on machine learning

  • Pablo-Rodriguez

Pablo Rodríguez

Innovation director, Telefónica

The secrets behind FC Barcelona's winning strategy

  • Charmain-Gooch-2

Charmian Gooch

Anti-corruption activist, Global Witness

Taking on the powerful corporations and corrupt governments exploiting the natural world

  • Simon-Wheatcroft

Simon Wheatcroft

Ultramarathon runner

A blind ultra-marathon runner who uses technology to reach new limits

  • Ben-Medlock

Ben Medlock

Cofounder & chief technical officer, SwiftKey

Cofounder of London-based SwiftKey and inventor of an artificial-intelligence system that predicts what you'll type next

  • John-Graham-Cumming-2

John Graham-Cumming

Geek-culture maven

Deconstructing Hollywood's hesitant relationship with the computer screen


Sugata Mitra

Educational innovator, School in the Cloud

How a School in the Cloud can let children explore and learn from each other

  • Nico-Sell

Nico Sell

Organiser of DEF CON hacker event

What I've learned being educated by hackers

  • Elif-Shafak2

Elif Shafak


What storytelling means in a world of images and Likes

  • Shlomo


Human beatbox

The world-record-holding beatboxer and world looping champion

  • Saul-Singer-2

Saul Singer

Start-up Nation co-author

Why does everywhere want to be the next Silicon Valley?

  • Yuri-Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

Designer and artist

Inventor / designer of sound art as you've never heard it

  • Stuart-Turner

Stuart Turner


Quadraplegic, housebound, but still able to fly

  • Mariano-Tomatis

Mariano Tomatis

Magician and wonder injector

How magic can be the elixir of life

  • Nina-Tandon

Nina Tandon

Stem cell researcher, EpiBone

How to grow human bone in a lab

  • Mina-Girgis

Mina Girgis

Ethnomusicologist, The Nile Project

Using music to obliterate borders in Africa

  • Nelly-Ben-Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Designer of experiences

Space orchestras, underwater field work and other designed experiences

  • Rachel-Wingfield

Rachel Wingfield

Designer, researcher and educator, Loop.pH

The pop-up spa and other experiences that rethink the city

  • Sandesh-Reddy

Sandesh Reddy

Chef and creator of Kichin, India

How to disrupt the restaurant industry with technology

  • Uma-Ramakrishnan

Uma Ramakrishnan

Biodiversity ecologist, India

Developing genetic tools to understand tiger populations

  • Emiliano-Kargieman

Emiliano Kargieman

Private space pioneer, Satellogic

The Argentinian startup launching a satellite constellation

  • Joel-Jackson

Joel Jackson

Founder, Mobius Motors, Kenya

The British twentysomething who decided to build a car factory in Africa

  • Dhairya-Dand

Dhairya Dand

Researcher and artist, MIT Media Lab

You will never think of wearables in the same way

  • Skylar-Tibbits

Skylar Tibbits

Artist and computational architect, MIT Department of Architecture

Reinventing materials, from programmable carbon fibre to 4D printing


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